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About QuickLIB
QLIB (Quick Libraries) is a collection of C-functions written in pure ASM code. QLIB provides an "almost" complete C-library with MUCH MUCH more. There are also functions for Graphics (VGA, VESA 1.2 &2.0, modeX all supported) and many more ideas to ease the process of programming in Protected Mode.
QLIB also provides an easy to use command-line workframe to compile,link and debug your applications.
QLIB is compatible with PMODE/W , DOS/4GW, WDOSX and the like.
QDEBUG (included in QLIB) is a 32bit DPMI compliant debugger for debugging your applications. This debugger works under Win95/98/NT. Use it to debug any LE-image (which includes any DOS/4GW programs). QDEBUG uses QDASM to disassemble instructions which supports 8086-P2,FPU,MMX instructions.

PASM is a little utility I created for use in ASM files to allow you to simply insert "quoted strings" into your code and allow PASM to worry about putting the string into a data segment. So the following is possible :
  mov edx,"My name is Peter Quiring$"
  mov ah,9
  int 21h
IASM is a little utility I created (but thought up by my good friend of mine Cameron Bushardt (hope I spelled that right)) that will allow you to insert Borland Style ASM {} blocks into Watcom C/C++ source. Note that I have found Watcom to be very buggy when using IASM.

Current features in QLIB v2.xx

  • -most C funtions (malloc, file IO, etc.)
  • -ability to add strings to ASM source code thru the use of a pre-compiler
  • -a video driver w/mouse w/font printing
  • -supports VGA, VESA 1.2 and 2.0, and modeX grafix
  • -file packing (kinda like WADs) Allowing all program data files in reside in one file
  • -math functions (sin,cos,floor,etc.)
  • -printf()'s format follows ANSI C standards
  • -%f and %e supported
  • -C++ compatible, new() and delete() operators.
  • -FILE* streams, fopen(), fscanf(), etc. [v2.10]

32bit Compilers supported

  • -supports Borland C++ compiler
  • -supports Watcom C++ compiler
  • -supports Micro$oft Visual C++ compiler
  • -supports MASM,TASM,WASM,NASM compilers
Notes about QLIB v2.00+ and DOS extenders:
  • QLIB supports PMODE/W (and compatibles) only (such as DOS/4GW and WDOSX)
  • DOS32 is no longer supported (since v2.00)

Want can't QLIB do?

Well I decided to say a few things about what Q LIB can't do here because if it does not do what you need it to do I don't want you to waste your time. So here's a list of things that QLIB does not support:
  • O_TEXT or "t" with fopen() is not supported
  • Many standard ANSI C funcs that I never use such as: dostounix(), etc.
  • C++ Streams (like cin,cout,etc.)

Well that's the major stuff. If you know something else please let my know. My appologies to those who need these things but I don't and they are not needed for most programming.
Don't forget that QLIB has a lot of other wonderful great things (grafix, Pack system, etc.) which most C/ASM programmers will like.
I may (but don't count on it) support the above if I get the time, cause I do like using IO Streams in C++ (cin,cout is so much easier than printf) but it's a BIG maybe.
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