QLIB212.ZIP (v2.12 Build 183) (1089.5k) QuickLIB Complete Package
Includes : QuickDebug v1.12 and all Quick utilites with full source code.
You may also need ALCHEMY.ZIP (Grafix conversion tool)
QLIB211b.ZIP (v2.11b) (825.9k) QuickLIB Complete Package
Includes : QuickDebug v1.10 Fix #2 and all Quick utilites with full source code.
You will also need these FREE files with any version of QLIB:
WLINK11.ZIP (Linker) and one (or all) of the following DOS Extenders: WDOSX , PMODE/W , DOS4GW.
Download QuickDebug :
QDebug112.ZIP (v1.12) (83k) QuickDebug - DPMI Debugger
Download QuickDASM :
QDASM100.ZIP (v1.00) (30k) QuickDasm 8086/P2/MMX/FPU Disassembler
Download Quick Utilities: Note : All source code is included in QLIB [\src\utils]
QBIND.ZIP (v1.00b) (28k) Binding Utility.
QBUILD.ZIP (v1.00) (25k) Building Utility.
BIN2ASM.ZIP (v1.00) (33k) BIN to ASM Converter
BIN2S19.ZIP (v1.00) (33k) BIN to S19 Converter : Create S19 files for the HC11.
FS.ZIP (v1.03) (28k) File splitter program that splits a file into 2 parts, equal or of any size.
IASM.ZIP (v2.00b) (32k) Allows you to insert ASM {} blocks into your Watcom C source.
PASM.ZIP (v2.01) (27k) Allows you to insert "strings" into your ASM source.

Search for QLIB thru out the world: [All now updated to use ftpsearch.lycos.com]

Version 2.12 (1089.5k)"No Hits Yet"
Version 2.11b (825.9k)
Version 2.11a (943.7k)"No Hits" - Was a Bad ZIP.
Version 2.10 (600.9k)
Version 2.07 (269.3k)
Version 2.06 (428.5k)
Version 2.05 (406.2k)
Version 2.04 (372k) "No Hits"
Version 2.03 (371.6k)
Version 2.02 (353.6k)
Version 2.01 (392k) "No Hits"
Version 2.00 (350.0k)
Version 1.21 (287.9k) - Very old stuff
Version 1.20 (728.3k) - Very old stuff

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