Q LIB (Quick LIBraries)

QLIB On-Line Help
Bacause so many people have so much trouble getting started with QLIB I've decided to write this page to help those get started. First you need to download the latest version from my Q Download Page.

Step 1 : The first thing you need to do is UnZip the QLIBxxx.ZIP file into a temporary directory.
  md c:\qlibtmp
  pkunzip qlibxxx.zip c:\qlibtmp -d
  cd c:\qlibtmp
Step 2 : Then read the INSTALL.TXT file. This holds lots of valuable info for you.

Step 3 : Install QLIB (choose to install it where ever you like)
  install C:\QLIB
Step 4 : Edit C:\QLIB\NEWVARS.BAT. This file contains QLIB init commands that must be used each time QLIB is used. I suggest adding the commands to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file (or enter it into your WinNT configuration).

Now that you've installed QLIB it's time to compile your first program, a "Hello, World!" demo. To compile you will need your PATH to point to any and all compiler you own.

Step 1 : First move into the QLIB \TEST directory.
  cd c:\qlib\test
Step 2 : QLIB offers many BAT files to compile/link your programs. Here we will use 'BC2EXE.BAT' to compile a C file into an EXE file using Borland C. There are many other compilers supported. Please refer to documentation within QLIB for more info.
  bc2exe testc
This will compile and link 'testc.c'. Note that with the BAT files you must be give the file extension (although this is changing soon).

If you have everything necessary you will create your first 32bit DOS executable.

What's needed?
1) Any compiler you want to use in your PATH
2) The Watcom Linker is needed to create EXEs (WLINK.EXE), no other linker will do. Make sure your PATH points to it.
3) NEWVARS.BAT has been run or added to AUTOEXEC.BAT.
4) DOS extenders are copied into QLIB's \BIN directory. PMODE/W is required since it is used by default. You can also use WDOSX or DOS/4GW with switches /w or /d respectively. See my Programmer's Files page for these DOS extenders, you will need them.

Notes :
Please view \help\txt\compile.txt for a list of BAT files that QLIB provides for compiling or view the HTML help file (\help\html\index.htm or just run QHLP.BAT).
I wish you the best success with QLIB.

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