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DOS Extenders
Pmode/w DOS extender by Tran, the best replacement for DOS/4GW.
Wuschel's Page WDOSX DOS extender that features PE/MZ/LE loading. Supports "some" Win32/ASM/Borland C/Delphi2
Dieter Pawelczak's DOS Extender Someone has created their own DOS extender using resources from my page.
Tom's HomePage Working on a PMODEv2.51 DOS extender port to NASM.
Free Compilers/Assemblers
NASM NASM Compiler. Freeware 80x86(mmx) ASM compiler.
DJGPP Free C/C++ GNU PORT. Lacking support for more PC things (OBJ, etc.).
Johan's HomePage Someone who's working on a 32bit Pascal compiler designed for DOS32.
Free Pascal Another 32bit PASCAL compiler for DOS. BTP7.0 compatible with some Delphi features (function overloading).
Processor Info Pages
Sandpile Lots of info on the Intel 80x86 processors (8086,Pentium2,MMX,etc.)
Intel MMX Intel MMX on-line documentation.
AMD K3D AMD 3D technology on-line documentation.
Intel Secrets What intel doesn't what you to know.
Intel386 PMODE A great page with indepth details on PMODE.
General PC Info/Reference Pages
Ralph Brown A massive INT list. Showing all functions available and hardwares ports.
FAQ SYS Hundreds of file formats, coding help, grafix, everything! A must see!
Wotsit's Wotsit's File Formats Collection.
PC Tutorials
VLA Tutorial's VLA Downloadable Tutorials from X2ftp
Heath's 80x86 Assembly Language Page Lots of useful info for beginer ASM programmers.
ASM Help Assembly Language Tutorial for beginners Very large PC Game programming encyclopedia (full of tutorials/code/docs)
Personal Homepage's
Andreas Schneider's HomePage Created a Vertical Blanc Interrupt service for DOS and Win95.
80x86 Assembly Page A VERY large programming page.
Dario Alpern's assembler page PMODE related homepage. Multi-tasking, PMODE and Intel help available here. [Spanish and English]
Mourad's ASeMbly Page Another good PMODE Homepage!.
Fluff's HomePage Another fine programmer's homepage, home of HexIt - the best Hex Editor.
Programmers Heaven A really LARGE programming page that has everything.
Arzie's HomePage Another persons great programming page.
Jaap Harm's 80x86 Assembly Page Working on boot sectors and VGA stuff.
Music Pages
MIDAS Sound System MIDAS is a multi-channel audio/music sound system for DOS/Win32. Source code included and free for non-commercial use.
Network Noice Homepage Makers of a good MOD player for DOS32,DOS/4GW and PMODE/W.
Commercial Sites
Jobs For Programmers The web's top employment site for programmers. Search for jobs in C++, Visual Basic, Java, Oracle, WWW, Cobol, even Telecommute! Thousands of resumes online.
Dr. Dobbs Journal The one and only magazine for programmers.
M$DN Library Lots of on-line programming documenation of Micro$oft.
FTP Sites Contains source code for everything!
Simtel Full of programming utils, etc.
WWW-Simtel View the Simtel world from your Net browser with file desciptions.
Demo Groups
URL Reminder Reminds you when a web page has changed (FREE)
FTP Search (v4.0) Search for any file on every FTP site through the world in seconds.
Microsoff This looks just like the Offical MicroSoft site, with a twist ;) - Another great site

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