Quick Dasm (8086 - P2/MMX/FPU Disassembler)

Description of QuickDasm
QuickDasm is a generic disassembler that was based on the work done on Dazmit v1.03 by fluff@geocities.com.
QuickDasm does what it could (disassemble) plus:
  • Provide debuggers with memory reference info (offset, segment, etc.)
  • Provide debuggers JMP/Jx/etc. info (address of jump)
  • determines if Jx will be taken (conditional jump prediction)
  • Provides DPMI mechanism to protect against page faults.
  • and more...
Features / Notes
Currently all known bugs in QDasm have been fixed. It is very good and I suggest you may use it now if you've been waiting for a stable version. Please report bugs to me asap. And thanx to fluff mister for releasing his Dazmit. Although I completely rewrote the whole thing I could not have done it with out his OpCode table.
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