PMODE/DOS Extenders
PMODE Tutorials How to program in PMODE using a DOS extender
Compiling / Linking Help How to compile and link PMODE programs.
DOS extender's Descriptions Find out what each DOS extender has to offer (before you waste your time)
DOS X Tutorials Learn to create your own DOS extender! [75% complete]
FPU Tutorial Learn to program the 80387 Coprocessor.
VGA Tutorial Learn to program your simply VGA card.
ModeX Tutorial Learn to tweak your VGA into many standard modes.
VESA Tutorial Learn to program VESA v1.2 and v2.0 for stable high res-grafix.
PIT Tutorial Creat your own timer. [Updated Nov/97]
IPX Tutorial Start to create multi-user games over a LAN.
Port 61h Tutorial How to use a very accurate non-IRQ driver timer (upto 15us accurate)
Mouse Tutorial How to use the mouse driver
DMA Tutorial How to program the DMA Controllers (8 and 16bit)
80586 Optimization Learn to greatly increase the speed of your programs.
Data compression/decompress Learn to save space on your HD.
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